4 Rules to Master the Neck Stack

Necklace stacking is an art, and much like everything else, you'll only get better with practice (and alot of experimentation!). But once you master the tricks and techniques, the possibilities are fun and endless. Perfecting your jewelry layers is a sure way to elevate your style game pronto. 

Before you dive right in, there are some golden rules to bear in mind if you want to mix and match your chains like a pro. 

Read on for our tested and proven ways on how to nail that gorgeous neck stack.

How to play with lengths to create a curated necklace stack



#1 Play with lengths

When it comes to stacking for the neck, it's all about making the layers count from collarbones to cleavage.

Same length necklaces tend to tangle easily when worn together. So start curating both short and long chains, or seek out styles with extenders so you have the flexibility to adjust them to the ideal length.

Your outfit also matters. If you're going for long and low, deep necklines are great for showcasing cascading layers on bare skin. Think plunging V-neck dresses or open button-down shirts. 

Mixture of thick and thin chain necklaces by The Hexad for an ideal stack combo.



#2 Through thick and thin

We all know that too much of the same thing is doomed for boredom. So get out of your comfort zone, and try not to always stick to the same safe silhouettes. 

Be it dainty or chunky, from lean to broad, its pays off to invest in a variety of chain thickness.

Layering gold and silver Cobra chains for a cascading neck stack.

#3 Mix your metals

Fashion rules once dictated that gold and silver clash, but we dare say combining them provides clever contrast.

So move over matchy-matchy; it's time to embrace mixing your metals.

Novices may want to start with classic gold and silver pieces, aiming for a balanced ratio between both to maintain a cohesive look. For seasoned fashionistas, consider adding other metals such as rose gold into your next stack.


close up detail of rose gold chain textures by the hexad

#4 Attention to detail

The littlest things can make or break your stack, so be sure to pay extra attention to details.

Maximize visual appeal by incorporating assorted textures and finishes such as these intricate rosettes or beaded accents.

And whenever we need that extra sparkle, our fail-safe pick is this chain choker for its floating rhinestones.


Silver teardrop pendant necklace anchors the neck stack for a cohesive look

Bonus: Hold that clutter

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to layering.

Experimenting is all well and good but you definitely don't want to end up with an out-of-hand #neckmess.

When it comes to clutter control, our top tip is to integrate a pendant necklace like this. The pendant creates an intentional focal spot that helps to anchor the entire look.

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