How to Wear Ear Cuffs

We swear by our ear cuffs. They're our #1 styling hack to instantly elevate your stacking game without committing to actual ear piercings (more details in our ear party guide here).

If you're new to ear stacking, here're some quick tutorials to get you cuffing with ease in no time. 

Retractable Hoops 

If you can invest in only one pair of ear cuffs, the Retractable Hoops are your best bet. Designed with a clever retractable clasp, it is durable, versatile and effortlessly creates a realistic conch or lobe piercing. 


how to wear retractable ear cuff | no piercings required - the hexad jewelry

How to wear:

1. Slide the clasp open.

2. Slip cuff onto the upper rim of your ear, where it is thinnest and softest. Release the clasp.

3. Slide the cuff down to your desired placement.

Tip: The Retractable Hoops are available in 3 sizes. If you're going for a conch piercing look, go for the small and medium sizes. Try the large size on the lower rim of the ear for a modern suspender effect.

Just so you know, all 3 sizes can also be worn on the lobe to mimic regular hoop earrings!

Bullet Ear Cuffs

If you had previous bad experiences with ear cuffs always falling out, then allow the Bullet Ear Cuffs to put all your fears and worries to rest now. Its smart clip-on mechanism ensures a super secure fit and doesn't tug uncomfortably on your delicate unpierced ears. 

how to wear clip on ear cuffs - the hexad

How to wear:

1. Pull both ends of the cuff apart.

2. Position cuff on your lobe or anywhere along your ear rim. 

3. Clip on by gently squeezing both ends of the cuff together. Give your head a little shake, and if the cuff stays in place, you'll know it has been secured properly. 

Open ear cuffs

The most common ear cuffs you'll find are likely clasp-less, and that means they can be a little tricky to wear. But with a good understanding of your ear shape and sufficient practice, you'll soon be a deft hand at faking that helix or conch piercing ;)

Easy tutorial on how to wear ear cuffs - The Hexad

How to wear:

1. For first timers, it'll help to position yourself in front of a mirror for a better view. 

2. Slip cuff onto the upper rim of your ear, where it is thinnest and softest. 

3. Slide it down to where it sits firmly on your ear. You'll know the placement is right when the cuff stays on despite any gentle tugging.

Tip: For newbies concerned about getting a good fit, some great beginner options are the Astraea, Moonshine, or Triad Ear Cuffs. They have a slightly malleable design and can accommodate a greater range of ear thicknesses. 

Ready to put your skills to the test? Choose your very first ear cuff here!

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