How to Ear Party with Only One Piercing

Want to rock that ear party but not ready to commit to multiple piercings?

The good news is you totally can! It's all about picking the right ear accessories to elevate your lobe game.

Read on for the essential jewelry pieces you'll need to get started. 

Illusion Earrings

Many of us start off with just a single lobe piercing. And if you're not ready to get more piercings done, we totally understand!

Our top tip is to opt for illusion earrings in order to make the most out of that one hole.

They trick the eye by creating the optical illusion of having two or more separate piercings. Best thing is, it only needs one piercing! The result is an effortless layered effect.

For hoop lovers, try the Atlantis Illusion Hoops or Four Claw Earrings for a chic complement to your #ootd.

If you're looking for something more dramatic, the Crescendo Climber Earrings do a brilliant job of ramping up (literally) your stack style.

Clever Clasps

Now that you got your first lone piercing hole sorted out, there is still space left on your upper lobe that needs adornment. 

The Retractable Hoops never disappoint whenever our ear stack needs an extra upgrade. 

As its name suggests, these ingenious hoops are designed with a special retractable clasp for a more secure fit. They are worn almost like regular hoop earrings (but sans the piercing, of course!).

The Hexad Retractable Hoops - No Piercings Needed

If you have always desired that conch piercing but don’t want to deal with the commitment or needles (yikes!), then these retractable earrings are a major must-have.

Try size S for a snug fit on the conch, or the M and L sizes which can be worn closer to the lobe for a suspender effect. If you want to refine your layering technique, get the set of all 3 sizes to play around with. 

For fans of chunkier styles, such inventive and secure clasps also feature in our Bullet Ear Cuffs

Statement Cuffs

As you move higher up along the ear rim, your best bet is to invest in ear cuffs.

Such modern ear jewelry come in an assortment of styles and should slide on and along the ear rim painlessly.

Most importantly, they are deliberately made to fake that helix or conch piercing you've always wanted.

For dreamy celestial vibes, the Nirvana Ear Cuff is a real charmer with its stunning star cluster that will sit securely on your conch or helix. We guarantee your ear party will neither be a stale nor boring affair.

Another elaborate piece to love is the Dynasty Ear Cuff. Not only do the triple bands make a bold statement, the rhinestones lend a luxe sparkle to your ear.

For more statement cuff designs, be sure to check out our "no piercings required" collection.

Whether you're going for a classic or experimental look, don't forget to have fun as you personalize your stacks. To get you going, here are some single-piercing-only stacks we've created for your inspiration:

Slither earrings paired with no piercing ear cuffs - The Hexad

Bold Rei Hoops with Bullet Ear Cuffs - The Hexad


Now whether you have 1, 2.. or 10 piercings, you are all set to (ear) party with us 🎉

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